• Communication is Most Important

    We'll focus our valuable time on actually using Gaelic, not analyzing it in English.

  • You'll Start Thinking More in Gaelic

    You'll be immersed in Gaelic that you understand and it'll get stuck in your head.

  • You'll Feel Successful and Encouraged

    Gaelic won't seem so impossible and foreign. You'll enjoy using it much more.

You are very courageous

Studying formulas and grammar rules doesn't guarantee that you can use them naturally.

Pronouncing Gaelic words can be frustrating - let alone remembering them in the first place!

Progress can feel as slow as a drunken snail at last call.

Having regular access to a fluent speaker is rare.

I'll help you overcome all of those and more.

I care about your progress.

Hi, I'm Jason Bond. I studied with native speakers in Nova Scotia and Scotland while completing 2 degrees: a BA with First Class Honors in Celtic Studies and a Bachelors of Education in Gaelic, Art, and History. I've been teaching professionally in Scotland, Europe, and the US since 2012.

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University of Dundee
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"Jason's got a unique teaching style that is extremely effective."

- Robin D., USA

A Tremendous Amount of Progress

Anonymous Feedback | 2018

"I have made a tremendous amount of progress and can't quite believe it as I have never been a linguist and this has been the most difficult language I have tried by far."


Former High School Pupil | Scotland

"I have come very far with my Gaelic, which would not have happened if you hadn't taught me when I came into high school. You made Gaelic a very exciting thing to learn, and it has all stuck with me and has helped me get to where I am."

"The Best Gàidhlig Teacher I've Met"

"Jason is the best Gàidhlig teacher I’ve met, an absolute scholar and a gentleman. Extremely patient, fluid, and knowledgable. A “pure legend” as we say in the Glasgow." 

- Sean MacT, Scotland

Your fluency helps Gaelic have a future,

which makes the world a richer place for everyone

Fluency doesn't have to be painful

I offer an alternative to years of battling textbooks and trying to recall grammar rules quickly enough to answer a simple question.

You can learn the beautiful and poetic Gaelic language in a natural and pain-free way. In my eyes, you deserve to!

How? Immersive, dynamic conversational lessons that use your brain's natural strengths. 

You already have the mental tools. You just need Gaelic lessons that make use of them.

Learn Gaelic More Effectively and Painlessly

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